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Where Do Mosquitoes Hide?

Mosquitoes are clever little creatures, finding hidden homes in houses and workplaces. In order to best avoid mosquitoes from making a home on your property, you need to learn where mosquitoes hide so that you can keep these areas in the condition that’s required to avoid them laying their eggs. Today we’re going to look […]

How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Patio Naturally

If you have a patio in your backyard, you may find this area attracts mosquitoes during certain times of the year. The good news is that there are ways to keep mosquitoes away from this area naturally, without having to spend a fortune in the process or continually keep tending to your patio. Let’s take […]

Permethrin vs DEET – Which One is Best to Avoid Mosquitoes?

When discussing the best ways to detract mosquitoes, permethrin and DEET are two of the most commonly used products. Today we’re going to put these two options head to head to help you find the perfect solution to protect you and your loved ones from these pests. Our team will be on hand at all […]

What Do Mosquitoes Hate?

When working to reduce the risk of mosquitoes, one of the most important things you can learn is the things that they hate the most. By becoming aware of the things that detract them, you can do all you can to make your property somewhere they don’t want to lay their eggs. Keep reading to […]

Mosquito Larvae in Swimming Pools

Having a swimming pool in your backyard offers your family the chance to enjoy spending endless hours outdoors in the summer months. While many of us dream of adding a swimming pool to our yard, there are certain things you need to keep in mind before making this addition. One of these is the risk […]

What is the Best Time to Spray Mosquitoes?

One of the most effective ways to eradicate mosquitoes in your home or workplace is to use a spray designed for this task. In order for your spray to work effectively, you need to ensure you are using the product as recommended and spraying it on a regular basis. Today we’re going to discover when […]

What Would Happen If All Mosquitoes Died?

While most of us are primarily concerned with protecting ourselves and our homes from mosquitoes, a common question we receive is what would happen if all mosquitoes died off? While we typically think of these insects as pests, it’s important to understand the role they play on our planet. Today we’re going to discover what […]

Mosquito Treatment For Standing Water

For mosquito larvae to grow and thrive, they need to live in standing water. That being said, as a homeowner, you need to do all you can to ensure that your property is free from standing water to avoid these disease-carrying insects. Today we’re going to share our top tips for reducing the chance of […]