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Mosquitoes work hard to ruin your yard. But AMC Mosquito works harder by immediately eliminating mosquitos so you can enjoy the yard again.
For organic treatments we use an all natural insecticide called Essentria IC3 which is comprised of botanically derived ingredients Rosemary oil, Geraniol Peppermint Oil, Wintergreen Oil, Mineral oil Vanillin.

While our product is toxic to mosquitos, your dogs are safe, especially at the dilution rates at which it is applied. That being said, safety, both personal and environmental, is our #1 goal at all times. While not required, we recommend keeping dogs inside at least an hour after treatment applications. This is to ensure that the product has had adequate time to dry. The treatment is topical and not for getting deep into the grass/roots. We go to more in depth about mosquito control and pets in our blog.

All of our mosquito control treatments are safe to spray on grass. However our mission is to create a mosquito barrier and then treat any mosquito hotspots inside your yard. This means we do not need to coat your grass to keep you 100% mosquito free. If we do notice any debris or pools of water they can be treated with an anti-mosquito dissolvable tablet.

Mosquito control can vary from yard to yard. Some of the factors include amount of debris, problematic water pooling areas and possibly how dense the area is. For a no hassle quote just give us a call or fill out our form!
Mosquito control absolutely works and why we can always guarantee 100% satisfaction. In the rare event you see a pesky mosquito we’ll rush back out and retreat at no cost. Our mosquito control is held to a higher standard due to our comprehensive inspections, thorough treatments and continued maintenance.
Great experience with this company. All techs are knowledgeable and professional. My wife and I have been able to enjoy our yard all summer. Wish I could give 10 stars

Adam H.

AMC Mosquito was recommended to me by a neighbor this summer. So, I gave them a call and since then they have been nothing short of excellent. I would recommend them to anyone needing mosquito control services.

Tommy H.

5 Star Google Reviews

What to Expect From AMC Mosquito


AMC Mosquito keeps a file so your tech can adapt the sprays to your property for the best coverage and control.


The AMC formula is designed for optimal coverage and to eliminate pesky insects like mosquitos ticks and fleas.


If you have any extra trouble with pesky mosquito's between treatments we will return for a complimentary retreatment.