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Service Address
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Scopes of Service
AMC Mosquito Control will provide mosquito control treatments based on the frequency and duration agreed upon below and will include the following: Misting on vegetation, areas of heavy foliage and other open areas of your yard. Treatment in areas of standing water, drains, downspout areas, etc. with larvicides. The insects guaranteed by this service agreement include: Mosquitos
This agreement authorizes AMC Mosquito Control to enter Customer’s property at the address identified above for purposes of treating the Property and, if applicable, to re-enter the Property periodically for the purpose of providing our services during the term of this Agreement.
Satisfaction Guarantee
If the treatment program does not meet your satisfaction between treatments, AMC Mosquito Control will work to solve the problem including re-treatment.
Cancellation Policy
This Agreement renews every 12 months unless AMC Mosquito Control is notified otherwise by the Customer. You may cancel this agreement at any time by notifying AMC Mosquito Control in writing. If you have received a complimentary treatment as part of a promotion and cancel service before the end of promotion terms, you will be charged the price of the complementary treatment.
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