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What Do Mosquitoes Hate?

When working to reduce the risk of mosquitoes, one of the most important things you can learn is the things that they hate the most. By becoming aware of the things that detract them, you can do all you can to make your property somewhere they don’t want to lay their eggs. Keep reading to discover what mosquitoes hate and how to protect yourself from these disease-ridden pests in the future.

Mosquito Repellent

DEET is one of the most popular and effective mosquito repellents on the market today. If you are concerned about mosquitoes either at home or when traveling, using this product can make a huge difference. DEET is recommended by the CDC for use in the U.S. and has been used and trusted for many years. It’s one of the top things that mosquitoes hate and it’s well worth keeping near you at all times or packing in your bag when you head out for the day.

Loose and Light-Colored Clothes

If you are concerned about mosquitoes when going out to explore for the day, we recommend wearing loose fitting clothes. While you may think this is a problem for a hot day, in fact, you’ll find that the right material will still keep you cool and protected. Loose clothing will make it harder for the mosquito to find your flesh below, which means they can’t get through and bite you. This is the perfect way to protect yourself wherever you travel in the world. As well as loose clothes, we recommend always choosing clothes that are light in color, as these are far more likely to detract the mosquitoes.

Using a Fan

For homeowners who are struggling to keep mosquitoes away from their house, it’s important you do all you can to keep them away from you. Keeping a fan on in your bedroom or home will stop mosquitoes from flying around and attacking you. They are very small in size and light in weight, which means a little wind will stop them from being able to reach you. You could also use a fan outdoors if you are trying to keep them away, as it will do the same job as it would indoors.

Sit Still to Avoid Mosquitoes

While this may sound like contradictory advice, you’ll want to try and sit still instead of running away from mosquitoes. This is because they will find it harder to see you and get to you when you are just seen as a dark shadow. The eyesight of the mosquito is very poor, so by playing this trick on them, you are less likely to get bitten.

These are just a few of the things that mosquitoes hate, but there are many more tricks you can follow to prevent issues with these pests. As a homeowner, we recommend working with our team to do all you can to prevent mosquitoes from finding their way into your space. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you to prevent mosquitoes from making a home in your property or workplace.

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