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Is Mosquito Control Safe for Pets?

At AMC Mosquito we understand your dog’s safety is a top priority and the last thing you want is another worry!

Mosquitos can drive you crazy so you’re probably wondering if mosquito control treatment is safe for your pets. Let’s put your worry to rest while you learn more about our mosquito control!

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What do we spray?

Regardless of what type of mosquito control you prefer, all of our options are pet safe! Let’s first look at our standard mosquito treatment spray. This spray uses a pyrethrum based insecticide which has been proven to be safe for your pets. Always keep in mind that many commercially available mosquito treatments are extremely dangerous to pets so always read the labels when opting for a DIY approach!

Next up we have our organic spray which contains ingredients such as Rosemary Oil, Geraniol, Peppermint Oil, Wintergreen Oil, and many other essential oils. This treatment when dried for 1-2 hours is completely harmless to pets.

Finally our bee friendly mosquito treatment uses a special pet safe insecticide that is harmless to bees.

Where and how do we spray?

It is important to note a few additional measures we take to ensure pet safety. All of our treatments require no humans or pets to be present during the spray. The treatments also need between 30 minutes and an hour and a half to fully dry. We advise all of our mosquito free customers to keep the dog inside after our treatments.

AMC Mosquito will also never spray our treatment close to koi ponds and always takes special notice of flowering plants because even if you don’t opt for our bee friendly treatment we still care about them! We are able to provide a strong defense against mosquitos while remaining pet friendly and environmentally minded. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask us anything!

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