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Mosquito Larvae in Swimming Pools

Having a swimming pool in your backyard offers your family the chance to enjoy spending endless hours outdoors in the summer months. While many of us dream of adding a swimming pool to our yard, there are certain things you need to keep in mind before making this addition. One of these is the risk of mosquito larvae in swimming pools, as they are often attracted to this body of standing water. Let’s take a look at some of the most important things to know about mosquito larvae in swimming pools and how to prevent issues in this area in the future.

Avoiding Mosquitoes in Your Pool

The standing water of your swimming pool offers the perfect habitat for mosquitoes. Many of us take our pools out of service for the winter, which increases the chance of mosquito larvae being laid during this time. When you come to reopen your pool in the early summer, you may find yourself in for a shock. As well as being attracted to the water, mosquitoes are also often found on your swimming pool cover, especially if water has gathered on the top. However, so many people neglect to look after their pool during the winter, which leads to this issue. For that reason, we recommend always performing regular checks of your swimming pool, even when it’s out of service.

As mosquitoes like calm and still water, a swimming pool is the ideal spot for them to gather. The good news is there are ways in which you can prevent them from living in your pool, which our team can also assist you with. Firstly, every swimming pool needs a cover, which should be securely tightened to the sides of the pool. Even small gaps can attract these pests, so make sure you are putting it on properly during the time your pool is out of use. If you find any tears in the cover, make sure you fix these immediately. Also, remove any standing water that gathers on the top, as this is the perfect habitat for mosquitoes.

Keep Your Pool Safe Throughout the Year

One of the top ways to prevent mosquitoes in your swimming pool is to run your filter. Put it on for two or three hours at a time, as the moving water will stop any eggs that have been laid from hatching. Ensure you also keep the pool free from leaves and other debris, as these offer a good habitat for these pests too. Finally, if you are planning to leave your pool out of service for a while, it’s best to either dismantle it or remove the water. This will offer you the best protection until you are ready to start enjoying time in the sun next summer.

By following these top tips, you can work to protect your swimming pool and family from mosquitoes this year. Our team is here to support you with this task and prevent mosquitoes from laying their eggs and invading your home. Get in touch with us today for more information about the services we offer.

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