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Is it REALLY possible to have a mosquito free yard?!

Mosquitos have plagued Georgia residents for as long as anyone can remember. Every year many residents ask the question “Is there any relief!?” and seek the professional help of mosquito control companies. Today we are going to talk about how it is possible to enjoy your yard mosquito free, what to look out for when choosing a mosquito control company, and what AMC Mosquito does differently.

What to look out for when choosing a mosquito control company

  1. Are they thoroughly inspecting the property to stop any larvae breeding sites
  2. Long term contracts. We believe you should be able to cancel at absolutely any time! Watch out for companies that lock you into a contract all season long.
  3. Companies that dodge your questions when asking what organic or bee friendly chemical they are using. Always know what is being sprayed on your property!

Pesticide Stewardship has a fantastic article about choosing the right pest control company, which applies to mosquitos as well!

Comprehensive Yard Inspection

Most mosquito control companies will immediately begin spraying your property perimeter with pesticides and promptly leave. AMC Mosquito does things a little differently. Not every yard is the same and in many cases harbor mosquito larvae in hidden places. Our mosquito control technicians are experts at finding these hotspots around your yard to not only treat mosquitos but eliminate them at the source. The first step to a mosquito free yard is a proper property assessment and keeping notes for returning visits.


Now that we have studied your yard it’s time to create an impenetrable barrier to keep mosquitos out. We create a buffer zone around your property by misting anti-mosquito repellent on the edge of your yard. This mist settles after a short period and is completely safe for children and dogs. Now that the mosquitos have nowhere to go, and the yard has been cleared of potential breeding sites they will begin to dwindle. 


Our experts return and always keep an eye on potential hotspots and maintain the barrier of protection. While most companies spray and leave we take the extra time to understand your yard!

Options for any yard

We offer extremely effective Standard, Organic, and Bee Friendly treatments to fit any of our customers needs. 

In summary, AMC Mosquito is on a mission to eradicate the thought of mosquitos from every house we can. If you are interested in how to get a free treatment let us know by clicking the button below.

mosquitos ruining your fun?

The first treatment is on us